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Special Features: · Details the core concepts of cloud computing, infrastructure and virtualization. · Showcases the facets of cloud computing in an easy to understand manner.· Provides a comprehensive overview of cloud computing from the business and technical perspective. · Uses concepts learnt in the classroom and elaborates how they are applied in an industry setting.· Elucidates specific solutions to the real-world challenges.· Contains detailed examples of many aspects of cloud computing. · Useful for both students and professionals who wish to understand and experiment with cloud computing.· Three very useful appendices: Cloud Performance Monitoring Commands; Understanding Sizing Lifecycle and Desktop Service: A VDI Perspective.

About The Book: This book fulfils an important and growing need to understand, cloud computing, dynamic infrastructure and virtualization, which have been deployed within every function in a broad range of business and markets nowadays. Cloud computing has brought about phenomenal changes in the way the world works, the way corporations function and the way human role in each has developed. The book reflects the core insights of cloud models, service offerings and other benefits. The book, in a very simple and lucid manner, tells us what we need to know to be a successful cloud computing architect, technical manger and infrastructure specialist. The book focuses on real-world goals for organizations, the cloud services provided to help realize these goals, and the constraints on cloud computing infrastructure that we may need to work around to meet our goals. It discusses the evolution of cloud computing over time and across computing arena, the specifications of cloud systems, the implementation of specifications, the processes and best-practices required to be put in place to make sure that the specifications and real-world goals have been met.

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