Digital Logic and Design and Application

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Number Systems
Decimal, Binary, Octal and hexadecimal number system and conversion, Number system's application e.g. shaft encoding, Binary weighted codes, Signed number binary order, 1's and 2's complement codes, All number system's arithmetic.Boolean Algebra : Binary logic functions, Boolean laws, Truth tables, Associative and distributive properties, DeMorgan's theorem, Realization of switching functions using logic gates.
Combinational Logic
Switching equations, Canonical logic forms, Sum of product & product of sum, Karnaugh maps, Two, three and four variable Karnaugh graph, Simplification of expression, Quine McCluskey minimization techniques, Mixed logic combinational circuits, Multiple output functions.
Analysis and Design of Combinational Logic
Combinational circuits, Multiplexer and demultiplexer, Multiplexers as function generator, Binary adder, Substractor, BCD adder, Binary comparator with physical applications, Arithmetic and logic units, Design of combinational circuits using statements.
Sequential Logic
Sequential circuits, Flip-flop conversions, Clocked and edge triggered flip-flops timing specifications, Timing analysis, State diagrams and tables, Transition tables, Excitation table and equations, Examples using flip-flops.
Sequential Circuits
Simple synchronous and asynchronous sequential circuit analysis, Different types of counters asynchronous and synchronous, Counter design with state equations, Registers, Different types of shift registers, Construction of state diagram and counter design.
Digital Integrated Circuits
Digital circuit logic levels, Propagation delay times, Power dissipation, Fan out and Fan in, Noise margin for popular logic families, TTL, TTL sub families, CMOS and their performance comparison

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Chapter1 Number Systems 1 1 to 1
Chapter 2 Boolean Algebra 21 to 2
Chapter3 Combinational Logic 31 to 3114
Chapter 4 Analysis Design of Combination Logic 41 to 4108
Chapter 5 FlipFlops 51 to 542
Solved Examples 6 55
Review Questions 6 61
Chapter7 Shift Registers 7 1 to 7
Chapter 8 Design Analysis of Sequential Circuits 8 1 to 8
Chapter 9 Asynchronous Sequential Circuits 91 to 938
Review Questions 10 80
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