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Pediatric Ethicshas been written by experienced pediatric caregivers. All the most difficult and challenging pediatric issues are faced, from truth-telling for the child to confidentiality for the adolescent and from 'futility' in intensive care to conflicting interests in the private office. This book has been specifically designed to enhance the practitioner's ability to identify, evaluate and manage the real ethical problems that arise in caring for children and their families.

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Ethical Legal and Professional Grounds for Judgement
Foregoing LifeSustaining Treatment for Infants
Pediatric Ethics Committees
Tell All the Truth? Shepherds Liberators or Educators
An Ethical Analysis
Ethical Issues in General Pediatric Practice
The Inequity Between Parental Rights and Home
The Limits of the Physicians Duty to Treat
Bridging the Tensions Between Care and Cure
The Ethical Issue of Pediatric Pain Control
The Ethics of Responsible Research
Pediatric Practice Social Responsibility and Physician Advocacy
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