The Elegant Universe

الغلاف الأمامي
Random House, 31‏/05‏/2011 - 464 من الصفحات

'Compulsively readable...Green threatens to do for string theory what Stephen Hawking did for holes' New York Times

In this international bestseller, Columbia University professor Brian Greene provides, in layman’s terms, a comprehensive demystification of string theory. Greene, one of the world's leading string theorists, peels away layers of the unknown, through introducing concepts from quantum mechanics to general relativity, to reveal a universe that consists of eleven dimensions. Accessible and enlightening, Greene's inimitable blend of expert scientific insight and literary ingenuity makes The Elegant Universe an exhilarating read that brings us closer to understanding how our magnificent universe works.

‘Utterly absorbing...a brilliant achievement. An accessible, equationless account of strings’ Sunday Telegraph

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LibraryThing Review

معاينة المستخدمين  - scottcholstad - LibraryThing

Greene is an interesting physicist. I'm not sure many more "traditional" physicists would always agree with his ideas, but they make for interesting reading and thinking. This is a typical example and thus recommended. قراءة التقييم بأكمله

LibraryThing Review

معاينة المستخدمين  - antao - LibraryThing

(Original review, 2001) The Kabbalah also describes 10 dimensions and beings that inhabit them. Perhaps these beings are real and at certain levels of dimensional perception they have already seen and ... قراءة التقييم بأكمله

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Brian Greene is Professor of Physics and Mathematics at Columbia University and Cornell University.

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