Wahhabi Islam: From Revival and Reform to Global Jihad

الغلاف الأمامي
Oxford University Press, 2007 - 370 من الصفحات
Featuring a study of Wahhabism's founder, Muhammad Ibn al-Wahhab, this book aims to reveal Muhammad Ibn al-Wahhab, as the voice of reform, advocating an Islamic society in which Muslims, Christians and Jews co-existed and cooperated. It also presents his vision of jihad as strictly limited to self-defence of the Muslim community.

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Wahhabi Islam: from revival and reform to global Jihad

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Delong-Bas (senior research assistant, Ctr. for Muslim-Christian Understanding, Georgetown Univ.) traces the development of Wahhabi Islam from its founding in the 18th century to the aberrations of ... قراءة التقييم بأكمله

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