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3 forthwith put in arrest and deprived of all military 4 command, until an opportunity shall be had for both 5 houses of the legislature to address the governor for 6 his removal.

SEC. 75. No idiot, lunatic, common drunkard, vag2 abond, pauper nor any person convicted of any infa3 mous crime, nor any other than white, able bodied, 4 male citizens, shall be eligible to any office in the 5 militia; and whenever it shall appear to the com6 mander-in-chief by a report from the commanding 7 officer of the regiment that any person thus ineligible, 8 has received a majority of votes cast at any election 9 of officers, he shall not commission him; but with the 10 advice and consent of the council, shall declare said 11 election null and appoint such person to fill the va12 cancy as shall be recommended by said commanding 13 officer of the regiment to which said officer belongs. 14 And whenever it shall appear to the commander-in15 chief, that any person commissioned as an officer in 16 the militia of this State, has become an idiot, lunatic, 17 common drunkard or vagabond, he shall with the 18 advice of the council, forthwith remove him from 19 office, and a new election shall be ordered to fill such 20 vacancy.

SEC. 76. The colonels or commanding officers of 2 regiments, shall assemble the officers of their respec3 tive regiments, at some convenient and central place, 4 within the same, once at least in each year, armed 5 with swords, muskets and bayonets, and it shall be

6 the duty of the commanding officer aforesaid to in7 struct or cause said officers to be instructed by some 8 person qualified therefor, in the school of the soldier, 9 the company and the battalion; the orders for such 10 meeting shall be issued in the same manner as for 11 regimental inspection and review; and said drill shall 12 be continued two days. The commanding officer 13 shall give to each officer present, a certificate of his 14 attendance at said drill, which certificate, when pre15 sented to the treasurer of the town in which such 16 officer resides, shall entitle him to receive from said 17 treasurer fifty cents, for each day of attendance so 18 certified.


SEC. 77. Every commanding officer of a company 2 shall parade his company on the first Tuesday of May, 3 annually, at one of the clock in the afternoon, for the 4 purpose of inspecting, examining and taking an exact 5 account of all the equipments of his men, and for 6 noting all delinquencies of appearance and deficien7 cies of equipment, and for correcting his company 8 roll, in order that a thorough inspection of each company in the State may be made. And it shall be the 10 duty of every commanding officer of a company, to 11 parade his company, by his own order, one other day 12 in the afternoon, for company discipline, between 13 said day of inspection, and the review provided for, in 14 section eighty; and on the two several days of train15 ing and inspection, to use his best exertions, in in16 structing and perfecting his men in their company 17 exercise and evolutions.

SEC. 78. Such sections of this act as the command2 er-in-chief may from time to time order, shall be read 3 at the head of each company on the day of inspection.

SEC. 79. The troops of each division shall be pa2 raded for review in division, brigades, regiments or 3 battalions, at such times, from the first of September 4 to the fifteenth of October, annually, days of State 5 elections excepted, as the commanding officer of the 6 division may order; but no non-commissioned officer 7 or private, belonging to any company of militia, shall 8 be compelled to attend muster, inspection or review, 9 when, by so doing, he would be obliged to cross any 10 body of water, exceeding one mile in width, at the 11 usual place of crossing the same, unless there be a 12 bridge over the same; and when, by reason of the 13 residence of any part of the troops on any of the isl14 ands in the State, it may be deemed expedient by the 15 major general of the division, to which such troops 16 belong, they may be reviewed in less bodies than bat17 talions.

SEC. 80. When a brigade review or inspection is 2 ordered, the commanding officer of the brigade shall 3 appoint the place and give notice thereof to the com4 manding officer of the division; when a regimental 5 review or inspection is ordered, the commanding offi6 cer of the regiment shall appoint the place, and give 7 notice thereof to the commanding officer of the brig 8 ade; and when the review or inspection of a regi 9 mental battalion or part of a battalion is ordered, the

10 commanding officer of the regiment, shall appoint the 11 place and give notice thereof to the commanding offi12 cer of the brigade. And the places to be appointed 13 for reviews or inspections, as aforesaid, shall always 14 be as central, as in the judgment of the officer point15 ing out the place, convenience will admit: and the 16 cavalry and other troops, raised at large, and not 17 annexed to any particular regiment, shall be reviewed 18 and inspected, once in each year, either by themselves, 19 or with the brigades, regiments or battalions of regi20 ments, as the commanding officer of the respective 21 divisions may direct. Provided, that no officer, non22 commissioned officer or private shall be obliged to 23 travel more than fifteen miles to any review.

SEC. 81. No officer, non-commissioned officer or 2 private, shall be held to perform any military duty, 3 except on days which are or may be prescribed by 4 law, on which the selectmen of the town in which 5 such officer, non-commissioned officer or private re6 sides, shall appoint a meeting for the election of a 7 representative to the legislature, nor shall there be 3 any military parade on the day, pointed out by the 9 Constitution of this State, for the election of governor 10 and senators, nor on the day which may be appointed 11 for the choice of electors of president and vice presi12 dent of the United States, or representatives to con13 gress; and it shall not be lawful for any officer to 14 parade his men on either of said days, unless in case 15 of invasion made, or threatened, or in obedience to

16 the orders of the commander-in-chief, except as is 17 herein before excepted; and if any officer contrary 18 to the provisions aforesaid, shall parade his men on 19 either of said days of election, he shall be liable to be 20 tried by a court martial; and shall moreover forfeit a 21 sum, not less than fifty nor more than three hundred 22 dollars, to be sued for and recovered, in an action on 23 the case, before any court of competent jurisdiction; 24 one moiety thereof to the use of the person who may 25 prosecute for the same, the other to the use of the 26 State.

SEC. 82. If the commanding officer of any com2 pany, battalion, regiment or brigade of the militia of 3 this State, shall parade, march or exercise the same 4 within the distance of fifty rods from any court house 5 of any county, whilst any judicial court shall be in 6 session therein, unless when called out to suppress 7 insurrection, repel invasion, or enforce the laws, he 8 shall for every such offence, forfeit and pay not less 9 than twenty, nor more than one hundred dollars, to 10 be recovered by indictment to the use of the State.

SEC. 83. At all regimental or battalion parades, the 2 several companies shall form in regiment or battalion, 3 according to the rank of the officers present, actually 4 commanding them; and the same rule shall apply in 5 all cases, excepting those in which cavalry, artillery, 6 light infantry and riflemen may, by usage and neces 7 sity be detached from the regiments and battalions.

SEC. 84. Whenever different corps shall parade,

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