WildFly Administration Guide

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Lulu.com, 2014 - 292 من الصفحات
JBoss Application server is the most popular open source Java application server, renamed from this release and on as WildFly. This book covers all details on administration and management aspect of this new version of the application server. Focusing exclusively on the management instruments of the application server, the book takes you through all of the latest architectural and performance changes. You'll progress from basic server configuration to more advanced techniques for clustering, JDBC connectivity, logging, and much more. What you will learn from this book: - How to install the application server on Windows and Unix/Linux systems including details for installing it as a service - Steps for packaging and deploying web applications - Configuring the services stack, including the new Undertow Web subsystem - Deploying Wildfly 8 with the Apache Web server and mod_cluster - Monitoring Wildfly 8 servers in realtime - Secure applications and encrypt their communication

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Table of Contents
Server Management with the CLI 226
Securing WildFly 242 Introducing Security 242 WildFly Security Domains 245 Securing the Management Interfaces with Login Modules 257 Secur...
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