The Fiction of Ernest Hemingway

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Atlantic Publishers & Dist, 2002 - 152 من الصفحات
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The Book Projects Ernest Hemingway As An Artist With A Broader Vision Than He Is Generally Understood. This Vision Highlights The Profound Sympathy For Women And For Those Who Suffer In Indifferent Rather Hostile Society. The Author Has Tried To Attribute That Divine Love To Hemingway S Artistic Vision Often Denoted By The Greek Word Agape. This Make Hemingway Not Only A Great Modernist Artist, But Also A Sage Speaking For The Entire Humanity.That Hemingway Has Obsessively Dealt With Such Violent Themes, As War, Is True. It Is Nonetheless True That By Doing So He Has Exposed The Futility And Destructiveness Associated With It. The Hemingway S Hero Is A Defeated Man But Never Crestfallen. He Is Able To Retain His Dignity Even In The Face Of Crisis. His Tragedy Is The Result Of Love, Which For Him Is An Alternate God, And Ultimately Of Labor, Which He Puts In As A Matter Of Profound Faith. The Book Demonstrates This Effectively, And Should Be A Unique Contribution To The Hemingway Scholarship In India And Abroad.

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America in 1920s A Socio
The Novelist and the Novels A Biographical
Love and Labor Thematic Analysis of
Hemingways Concept
The Theme and the Technique
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