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he was advanced to the bishoprick Berks, Michael, Anthony, of of Exeter, and was confecrated Dec. 2, that year. His remains were privately interred on the 17th in Exeter cathedral.

17. In Weymouth-ftreet, Portland-place, William Pickett, efq. formerly partner with Mr. Theed, afterwards with Mr. Rundell, filverfmith, on Ludgate-hill, which bufinefs he carried on alone in Bond-ftreet. He was elected alderman of Cornhill ward in May, 1783; and filled the office of the riff in 1784, and lord-mayor in 1789.

At Dublin, aged 60, the right hon. baron Trimelftown. His lordthip was fecond baron of the kingdom of Ireland.-He was, we be lieve, the 14th who held that title in lineal defcent from Robert Barnewall, created baron Trimeltown, 1461, by Edward IV. for his good and faithful fervices in Ireland; and whofe grandfon John was chancellor of Ireland in 1534. Mr. Archdall's peerage, published 1789, does not mention the late lord, ending with his predeceffor Thomas, 13th lord, who enrolled himself in the Irish volunteer army on the aJarm of invation 1779 and 1780. A younger Irinch of the Barnewall family had the title of vifcount Kingland 16,6.

Sir Rob. Hetketh Jaxon, bart. of Rufford-hall, Lancashire.

Bedfordshire, George Brooks, of Flitwick..

Bucks, Thomas Flibbert, of Chalfont-house.

Cumberland, James Graham, of Barrock-lodge, efqrs.

Chefhire, the hon. Booth Grey, of Wincham.

Cambridge and Huntingdon, J. Gardener, of Chatteris. Cornwall, John Enys, of Enys, efqrs.

Devonthire, fir Bourchier Wray, of Tawflock, bart.

Dorfctthire, Thomas Bowyer Bowyer, of Iwern-minster, efq. Derbyshire, fir Robert Wilniot, of Ofmafton, bart.

Effex, Jackfon Barwis, of Marfhalls.

Gloucestershire, Samuel Peach Peach, of Upper Torkington. Hertfordshire, John Sowerby, of Lilley.


Hereford fhire, Abraham Whitaker, of Lifton.

Kent, John Mumford, of Sutton at Hone.

Leicestershire, James Richards, of Athby de la Zouch.

Lincolnshire, William Earl Welby, of Denton.

Monmouthshire, Henry Barnes, of Monmouth.

Northumberland, Adam Mansfeld Lawfon Decardonnell, of

28. Prince Lewis, fecond fon of Chirton. the king of Prusia.

31. At his apartments in Now, gate, the right hon. lord William Murray, 2d brother of his grace the duke of Athol.

SHERIFFS appointed for the Year

Northamptonshire, Allen Edward Young the younger, of Orlingbury.

Norfolk, Thomas Brown Evans, of Kirby Bedon.

Nottinghamshire, J. Wright, of Nottingham.

Oxfordshire, William Lowndes Stone, of Brightwell,


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Suffex, John Fuller, of Rosehill. Warwickshire, Edward Croxall, of Shuftock.

Pembroke, Nathaniel Philips, of Slebetch.

Cardigan, Edward Warren Jones,

of Llanina.

Glamorgan, Herbert Hurft, of Gabalva.

Brecon, P. Champion Crefpigny, of Tallyllyr.

Radnor, John Pritchard, of Dolyvelin, efqrs.


Merioneth, Thomas Lloyd, of Cumhufion.

Anglefea, J. Morris Conway, of

Worcestershire, T. Hill the Cellening. younger, of Broom.


Carnarvon, J. William Lenthall,

Wilts, Gilbert Trowe Beckett of Mainan. Turner, of Penleigh.

Yorkshire, Godfrey Wentworth Wentworth, of Hickleton, efqrs.


Caermarthen, J.William Hughes, of Tregyth.

Montgomery, John Dickin, of Welch Pool.

Denbighshire, J. Hughes of Horteley-ball, efqrs.

Flint, Sir E. Pryce Lloyd, of Pengwern-place, bart.

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From the London Gazette. Letter from Major General Whyte, to Sir R. Abercromby.


Demerary. IN obedience to your excellency's


commands, I left Barbadoes on the 15th inftant, with a detachment of the artillery, and part of the 39th, 93d, and 99th regiments, amounting to 1200 men, escorted by the Malabar, Undaunted, la Picque, and Babet frigates, with the Granada tranfport, and five fchooners and floops, and on the 21ft made the land, when the Scipio joined the fleet. That evening, when the tide made, the Babet and la Picque frigates, with the Granada transport, paffed the bar, with the fchooners and boats of the fleet, and came to anchor, within random fhot of the fort, at the entrance of the river; and having, during the night, prepared every thing for attack, at day-light appeared in force, when I fent a flag of truce by li utenant- colonel Hiflop of the 39th regiment, fummoning the governor to furrender the colony and its dependencies to his Britannie majetty's forces, agreeable to the terms which I have the honour to inclofe, and which the governor and council accepted. The unanimity with which the fervice was carried on between the

fleet and army was pleafing to all concerned, and Mr. Higgins ace quitted himself with much propriety and utility. Captain Parr, who commanded the fleet, has affifted and fupplied us from the fleet liberally and I have the fatisfaction to inform your excellency, that from every information I have received, and from above seventy fhips being actually loaded with the produce of the country, now in the river, (most of which will be fent to Egland) and from every account of the fertility of the soil, it is a moft important acquifition to Great Britain.

The colony of Bernice, adjoining to this, being a feparate government, I fhall direct my attention to it without delay and I fhall leave lieutenant-colonel Hiflop in the command here, agreeable to your excellency's directions.

The Thetis, a Dutch frigate of 24 guns, and a cutter of 12 guns, are added to the fleet; and captain Parr has given directions for deftroying or bringing down the river a French brig privateer of force.

I have the honour to be, &c. (Signed) JOHN WHYTE, maj. gen. Sir Ralph Abercromby, K. B.

&c. &c. &c.

By major-general John Whyte, commander of his Britannic majefty's land forces, &c. &c. &c.


and captain Thomas Parr, com mander of his Britannic majefty's thips, &c. &c. &c.

Thefe are requiring you, the governor and council, military and naval forces, of the colony of Demerary and its dependencies, to furrender the faid colony to his Britannic majesty's forces under our command, and to place the faid colony under his majesty's protection, and quietly and peaceably to submit to his majefty's govern


In which cafe the inhabitants fhall enjoy full fecurity to their perfons, and the free exercise of their religion, with the full and immediate enjoyment of all private property, whether on fhore or afloat (excepting fuch as may appear to belong to the fubjects of the French republic) according to their ancient laws and ufages, or fuch other as may be determined upon previous to the colony's being placed under his majesty's government, upon the moft liberal and beneficial terms.

That in the event of the colony's remaining under the British government at the conclufion of a general peace, it fhall enjoy fuch commercial rights and privileges as are enjoyed by the British colonies in the Weft Indies. With regard to the military and naval forces, that the officers and men of the land forces fhall, if agreeable to themfelves, be received into the British pay, with leave, at the restoration of the Stadtholder, to return into his fervice. Each non-commiflioned officer and foldier fhall receive, upon taking the oath of allegiance to his Britannic majefty to ferve him faithfully during the war, where it may be thought proper to employ

him, the fum of one hundred guilders

The officers to receive, under the fame conditions, the allowance of two hundred days bat, baggage, and forage money, as paid to the British officers.

The officers and men of the marine forces cannot be taken into the British fervice until his majestv's pleafure fhall be known, but fhall receive pay according to their rank, and every indulgence that can be allowed.

That the governor and all civil officers, after having taken the oaths of allegiance to his majesty, which will be adminiftered by ma jor-general Whyte, are (if they chufe) to remain in their respective fituations, (excepting those who have fhewn a decided partiality to the French intereit) the governor only refigning the military command. Should fuch liberal terms be refufed, the governor, council, and all concerned, muft be anfwerable for the confequences, as an immediate attack will be made by the land and fea forces, which will render every refiftance vain.

M jor-general Whyte and capt. Parr give the governor one hour, and no more, from the delivery of this by lieutenant-colonel Hiflop, to accept or not.

(Signed) JOHN WHYTE, maj-gen. THOMAS PARR, captain. royal navy.

Dated on board his majejiy's fhip
Babet, of the river Deme-
rary, April 20, 1796.
A true copy, JOHN WHYTE.


It is out of my power as yet to give a decifive anfwer to your fam


mons, demanding the furrender of this colony to his Britannic majefty's forces, as my duty requires me 10lay it before the council, to whom it is alfo addreffed, but which is not affembled at this moment. I will, however, call the members prefent together, and return about twelve o'clock an anfwer.

-I have the honour to remain, &c. (Signed) ANTHONY BEAUJON, governor of Demerary. Demerary, 22 April, 1796. To their excellencies general Whyte and

commodore Parr.

On board the Babet frigate,

Sir, April 22, 1795. We have been honoured with your letter in anfwer to our's of yefterday's date, fummoning the colony of Demerary to furrender to his Britannic majefty's arms, requefting, for the reafons therein mentioned, to have until twelve o'clock this, forenoon to affemble the council to affift you in the determination.

The reasonablenefs of the request induces us to grant it; but you will be aware, that if an aufwer is not returned on or before that time no further delay can be made, and you alone must be anfwerable` for the confequences, and you will pleafe alfo to obferve, that from the very liberal terms offered, no deviation whatever can be admitted.

We have the honour to be, &c. (Signed) JoN WHYTE, maj-gen. THOMAS PARR, captain royal navy.

To his excellency the governor of Demerary.

Fort William Frederick, Demerary? 2nd April, 1796.


We, the governors, members of the council, and commanders of the military and naval forces of the colony, in council of war affembled, having attentively perused the fummons, dated of yesterday, and addreffed to us by your excellencies, demanding the furrender of faid colony to his Britannic majefty's forces, alfo the terms thereunto annexed, have, after mature deliberation, refolved to accept faid terms, and on them to furrender faid colony and its dependencies as demanded, whereof we hereby give you notice; alfo that our colours will be ftruck on the landing of your forces; it will depend on the feveral officers and troops to decide for themfelves as to the offers made them, and we have the honour to fubfcribe ourselves, &c. (Signed)


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