Sociocultural and Historical Contexts of African American English

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Sonja L. Lanehart
John Benjamins Publishing, 10‏/10‏/2001 - 373 من الصفحات
This volume, based on presentations at a 1998 state of the art conference at the University of Georgia, critically examines African American English (AAE) socially, culturally, historically, and educationally. It explores the relationship between AAE and other varieties of English (namely Southern White Vernaculars, Gullah, and Caribbean English creoles), language use in the African American community (e.g., Hip Hop, women s language, and directness), and application of our knowledge about AAE to issues in education (e.g., improving overall academic success). To its credit (since most books avoid the issue), the volume also seeks to define the term AAE and challenge researchers to address the complexity of defining a language and its speakers. The volume collectively tries to help readers better understand language use in the African American community and how that understanding benefits all who value language variation and the knowledge such study brings to our society.

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State of the art in African American English research Multidisciplinary perspectives and directions
What is African American English?
The relationship between African American and White Vernaculars in the American South
Coexisting grammars The relationship between the evolution of African American and White Vernacular English in t
The voice of the ancestors New evidence on 19thcentury precursors to 20thcentury African American English
Something to shout about AAVE as a linguistic and cultural treasure
Nuthin but a G thang Grammar and language ideology in Hip Hop identity
African American womenTalking that talk
Directness in the use of African American English
The role of family community and school in childrens acquisition and maintenance of African American English
Pay Leon pay Leon pay Leon paleontologist
Applying our knowledge of African American English to the problem of raising reading levels in innercity schools
Applying linguistic knowledge of African American English to help students learn and teachers teach
Reconsidering the sociolinguistic agenda for African American English The next generation of research and applic
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