Across Boundaries: The Journey of a South African Woman Leader

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Feminist Press at the City University of New York, 1996 - 244 من الصفحات
"Survival", writes Mamphela Ramphele, "is a stronger force than the fear of offending others". Born black and female in apartheid-ruled South Africa, Ramphele went on to become one of Africa's most distinguished women - a leading political activist, medical doctor, anthropologist, teacher, advisor to the Mandela government, university president, and mother to two sons. Across Boundaries chronicles Ramphele's inspiring journey, revealing the staggering personal losses that coexist with her astonishing political and professional achievements. In Across Boundaries, this courageous and accomplished woman tells her own story for the first time - a story of finding the will to challenge oppression. As Mamphela Ramphele relives the gripping events of her life, the larger story of South Africa's turbulent struggle is revealed along with the poignant story of one of its leaders: her early struggles to maintain dignity and hope in a world that devalued both blacks and women; her battles against despair, especially in the wake of Biko's death and the death of a third child in infancy; her efforts to balance the demands of public and private life - of activism, work, and family; her mistakes and regrets as well as her triumphs. Just as her country is learning to come to terms with its past, Mamphela Ramphele, with this memoir, recognizes the need for personal restoration, reflection, and healing.

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ACROSS BOUNDARIES: The Journey of a South African Woman Leader

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A heartfelt though sometimes ungainly memoir of politics and passion in South Africa. Even if she hadn't been a prominent anti-apartheid activist, Ramphele would still have lived a remarkable life ... قراءة التقييم بأكمله

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