Rajiv Gandhi Assassination

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Sterling Publishers Pvt. Ltd, 2008 - 260 من الصفحات
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Who Killed Rajiv Gandhi? Why? How? An infamous murder. It was 10:20 pm on 21 May. The year was 1991. A woman bowed respectfully. Her arm reached out to touch his feet. Suddenly there was an explosion. The deafening sound, the clouds of smoke, the shattered bodies, the blood and gore. Who put together the pieces? Who saw through the foul play? Follow the trail. Follow the trial. Follow the story to know the truth. This book unfolds the gripping story -- at once fascinating and grim -- of perhaps the first case of assassination of a world-class leader by a human bomb. There was a general demand for explanation and action. The totally blind case with enormous ramifications needed skilled, dextrous and professional investigation. D R Kaarthikeyan was called upon by the Government of India to unravel the mystery. This assassination profoundly influenced political developments in India and altered the course of contemporary history in India and Sri Lanka.

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The Team and the Task
Beacon among Scattered Light Our First Clues
Running but Going Nowhere
Slick Fish
The Chase
The Final Countdown
Clinching Evidence
An Organisation Called the LTTE
Why Rajiv Gandhi? The Motive
My Visit to Sri Lanka during IPKF Operations
The Trial and the Verdict
What the Fourth Estate Had to Say
Prosecutors Who Handled the Trial
LTTE Setup for Operation in India 199091
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نبذة عن المؤلف (2008)

D R Kaarthikeyan is a lawyer and a former director of the central bureau of investigation in the Indian Police Service. He is a former diplomat to Moscow and a former director of the Indian Tea Board. He is an advisor in law, human rights, and corporate affairs.

Radhavinod Raju is the commissioner of vigilance and the head of the Anti-Corruption Bureau of the Jammu and Kashmir Government.

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