Congregational Missions and the Making of an Imperial Culture in Nineteenth-Century England

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Stanford University Press, 1999 - 247 من الصفحات
This book explores the missionary movement's influence on popular perceptions of empire and race in nineteenth-century England. The foreign missionary endeavor was one of the most influential of the channels through which nineteenth-century Britons encountered the colonies, and because of their ties to organized religion, foreign missionary societies enjoyed more regular access to a popular audience than any other colonial lobby.

Focusing on the influential denominational case of English Congregationalism, this study shows how the missionary movement's audience in Britain was inundated with propaganda designed to mobilize financial and political support for missionary operations abroad, propaganda in which the imperial context and colonized targets of missionary operations figured prominently.

In her attention to the local social contexts in which missionary propaganda was disseminated, the author departs from the predominantly cultural thrust of recent studies of imperialism's popularization. She shows how Congregationalists made use of the language and institutional space provided by missions in their struggles to negotiate local relations of power. In the process, the missionary project was implicated in some of the most important developments in the social history of nineteenth-century Britain -- the popularization of organized religion and its subsequent decline, the emergence and evolution of a language of class, the gendered making of a middle class, and the strange death of British liberalism.


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The Birth of Modern Missions
From Telescopic Philanthropy to Social Missionary
The Social Relations
The Strange Death of Missionary Imperialism
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Susan Thorne is Assistant Professor of History at Duke University. This book will be her first book, and it derives from a doctoral dissertation completed at the University of Michigan.

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