Recent Advances In Sustainable Process Design And Optimization (With Cd-rom)

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Mahmoud M El-halwagi, Dominic Chwan Yee Foo, Raymond Girard R Tan
World Scientific, 24‏/05‏/2012 - 832 من الصفحات
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This book is a compilation of the various recently developed techniques emphasizing better chemical processes and products, with state-of-the-art contributions by world-renowned leaders in process design and optimization. It covers various areas such as grass-roots design, retrofitting, continuous and batch processing, energy efficiency, separations, and pollution prevention, striking a balance between fundamental techniques and applications. The book also contains industrial applications and will serve as a good compilation of recent industrial experience for which the process design and optimization techniques were applied to enhance sustainability. Academic researchers and industrial practitioners will find this book useful as a review of systematic approaches and best practices in sustainable design and optimization of industrial processes. The book is accompanied by some electronic supplements (i.e., models and programs) for selected chapters.

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Energy Conservation and Efficiency
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Estimation of Energy Enthalpy and Exergy Availability Contents in Structurally Complicated Materials Authors L T Fan Tengyan Zhang
ReactionNetwork Synthesis Via the GraphTheoretic Method Based on Pgraphs VinylChloride Synthesis Authors L T Fan Tengyan Zhang
Application of Sustainability Potential Manufacture of Vinyl Chloride C2H3Cl Authors L T Fan Tengyan Zhang
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Authors H H Lou S Dusija X Li J L Gossage J R Hopper
Mathematical models via Lingo 80 Authors X Feng J Bai R Shen C Deng
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