HIMSS Dictionary of Healthcare Information Technology Terms, Acronyms and Organizations, Third Edition

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This bestselling health IT dictionary has been significantly expanded in its third edition. This timely dictionary has been developed and extensively reviewed by more than 50 industry experts. It contains more than 2,900 health IT and related terms and acronyms, and includes mission summaries and contact information for more than 330 healthcare organizations and associations.

The HIMSS Dictionary of Healthcare Information Technology Terms, Acronyms and Organizationsis the ideal quick reference for health IT professionals and the essential resource for executives, clinicians, academics, consultants, government staff and other professionals who need a reference tool for understanding the terminology and acronyms for this growing field. This valuable resource includes: definition of terms for the information technology and clinical, medical, and nursing informatics fields; acronyms with cross-references to current definitions; a list of health IT-related associations and organizations, including contact information, mission statements, and web addresses; academic and certification credentials used in healthcare.


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Definition of Terms
Acronym List
Healthcare Organizations that Have a Focus on Health IT
Healthcare Credentials
Evolution of Health Information Technology Terms
Electronic Health Record EHR Definitions
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