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Everyone longs to be happy, yet many wrongly believe that happiness comes from having enough money, fame, personal comfort, worldly success, or even dumb luck. Happiness all too often seems to be an elusive, arbitrary thing -- something that is always just out of reach.

Joan Chittister sees happiness differently -- as a personal quality to be learned, mastered, and fearlessly wielded. In Happiness she embarks on a "great happiness dig" through sociology, biology, neurology, psychology, philosophy, history, and world religions to develop "an archaeology of happiness." Sifting through the wisdom of the ages, Chittister offers inspiring insights that will help seekers everywhere cultivate true and lasting happiness within.

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When Unhappiness Washes over Us What Then?
The Human Dilemma
The Search for Meaning
Happiness from There to Here
Happiness and Pleasure
Happiness Is Pursued Not Achieved
Happiness Is Possible but Not Guaranteed

What Makes a Person Happy
Personal Health and Happiness
Happiness Is a Cultural Expectation
The Gift of Nature
Happiness and the Brain
Hardwired for Happiness
Happiness Is a Goal
Happiness Is a Value
A Commitment to Choose
Psychology and Happiness
The Foundations of Happiness
What It Is
The Way to More of
The Qualities of Happiness
Putting the Pieces Together
Happiness and Choice
Happiness and Human Rights
The Difference between Them
The Eternal Goal
The Happiness That Lasts
A Finger Pointing at the Moon
The One Thing Necessary
The Measure of the Happy Life
The Call to End Suffering
The Path to Freedom
Chosen to Be Happy
The People of the
The Happy Life Is Elsewhere
Happy Are They
Submission and Community
Living the Good Life
Religion and the Paths to Happiness
Putting the Pieces Together
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Joan Chittister is executive director of Benetvision: AResource and Research Center for Contemporary Spirituality,Erie, Pennsylvania. She is also a contributor to TheHuffington Post blog. Her many books include God'sTender Mercy, The Story of Ruth (with JohnAugust Swanson), and Scarred by Struggle, Transformedby Hope. For more information, visit her website at www.joanchittister.org.

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