Corporate Success and Transformational Leadership

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New Age International, 1990 - 357 من الصفحات
In The Contemporary Indian Society, All The Institutions, Be It Social, Economic, Religious Or Political, Are Undergoing An Unprecedented Scale Of Metamorphosis. All Round, There Is Value Erosion, And People Are Increasingly Experiencing A Sense Of Powerlessness, Helplessness, Meaninglessness, And Normlessness. Although, This Is A Pervasive Phenomenon, Its Intensity Is Much Greater In Economic Institutions, Corporate World, And The Government. Today, There Is A Need To Resurrect A Set Of Values In These Institutions, To Prepare Administrators And Executives To Cope With And Effectively Manage The Consequences Of Powerlessness, Helplessness, Meaninglessness, And Normlessness. There Is Also A Need To Groom And Develop The Business And Government Leaders Of Tomorrow To Face This Scenario, And Appropriately Handle It. The Most Powerful Way Of Achieving This Is Through The Process Of Socializing The Leaders With The Experience Of Corporate Success, Organisation Building, And Transformation. Sharing These Experiences Helps Enormously In Inculcating A Sense Of Values And Meaning, Heightens The Consciousness, And Provides Powerful Role Models.Business Schools, Unfortunately In India, Overemphasize Learning Through The Cases Of Failures Rather Than Through Success Stories. There Is Virtually No Scientific Work Available Which Highlights The Experience Of Success And Transformation In The Indian Organisations. The Present Work Is A Modest Attempt In This Direction. It Highlights (A) The Profile And Role Of Transformational Leaders, And (B) The Process Of Culture Building And Corporate Transformation In Five Indian Organisations - Three Belonging To The Public Sector, One To The Corporate, And One To The Private Sector. The Cases Have Been Built Around The Following Five Themes:1. Building A New Church, 2. From Solo To Folk, 3. Quest For Excellence, 4. From Pandemonium To Peace, And 5. Man At The Centre

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