White Women in Racialized Spaces: Imaginative Transformation and Ethical Action in Literature

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Samina Najmi, Rajini Srikanth
SUNY Press, 01‏/08‏/2002 - 272 من الصفحات
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At once racially privileged and sexually marginalized, white women have been energetic in calling for solidarity among all women in opposing patriarchy, but have not been equally motivated to examine their own racial privilege. White Women in Racialized Spaces turns primarily to literature to illuminate the undeniable blind spots in white women s comprehension of their advantage. The contributors cover extensive historical ground, from early captivity narratives of white women in seventeenth-century America up to the present-day trials of Louise Woodward and Manjit Basuta, both British nannies accused of causing the deaths of their infant charges in the United States. Their wide-ranging discussions also include representations of white women in Native American, Latin American, African, Asian, and Middle Eastern contexts. The volume ultimately makes the case that, by creating alternative scenarios to particular ethical, political, or emotional problems against which readers and characters test their responses, literature forms an ideal vehicle for exploring white women s actual and potential roles in their efforts to undercut the oppressive force of whiteness.

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South Asians and the Complex Interstices of Whiteness Negotiating Public Sentiment in the United States and Britain
Whiteness and SoapOpera Justice Comparing the Louise Woodward and Manjit Basuta Cases
Mother Teresa as the Mirror of Bourgeois Guilt
White American Womanhood
Ventriloquism in the Captivity Narrative White Women Challenge European American Patriarchy
Those Indians Are Great Thieves I Suppose? Historicizing the White Woman in The Squatter and the Don
Prison Perversion and Pimps The White Temptress in The Autobiography of Malcolm X and Iceberg Slims Pimp
Subject Positions in Elizabeth Bishops Representations of Whiteness and the Other
The Global Memsahib
How Can a White Woman Love a Black Woman? The AngloBoer War and Possibilities of Desire
From Betrayal to Inclusion The Work of the White Womans Qaze in Claire Deniss Chocolat
The Imperial Feminine Victorian Women Travellers in Egypt
Chinese Coolies Hidden Perfume and Harriet Beecher Stowe in Anna Leonowenss The Romance of the Harem
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Let Me Play Desdemona White Heroines and Interracial Desire in Louisa May Alcotts My Contraband and ML
Getting in Touch with the True South Pet Negroes White Crackers and Racial Staging in Zora Neale Hurstons Seraph on the Suwanee

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نبذة عن المؤلف (2002)

Samina Najmi is Visiting Assistant Professor of Cultural Studies at Babson College.

Rajini Srikanth is Assistant Professor of English at the University of Massachusetts Boston, and the coeditor, with Lavina Dhingra Shankar, of A Part, Yet Apart: South Asians in Asian America.

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