The Transmission of the Variant Readings of the Qur??n: The Problem of Taw?tur and the Emergence of Shaw?dhdh

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BRILL, 09‏/11‏/2012 - 264 من الصفحات
This work is a study of the transmission of the variant readings of the Qur n, the canonization of the system Readings, and the emergence of the non-canonical "shaw dhdh" readings. Nasser argues that Ibn Muj hid and the early Muslim scholars viewed the variant readings as legal rulings "a k m" and that the later generation of "Qurr " were responsible for moving the discipline of Qir t from the domain of fiqh to the domain of ad th. After studying the theories of "taw tur" in detail, Nasser shows that the transmission of the system Readings of the Qur n failed to meet the conditions of "taw tur" set by the "U l s," thus creating a paradox between the transmission of the physical text, the "mu af," and the transmission of its oral recitation, the Qur n .

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1 The Variant Readings and the sabat ahruf of the Qurān
2 Ibn Mujāhid and the Canonization of the Seven Readings
3 Hadd alQurān and the tawātur of the Canonical Readings
4 The Transmission of the Canonical Readings and the Emergence of Shawādhdh
5 The Nature of the Qurānic Variants
Conclusion and Future Research
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Shady Hekmat Nasser, Ph.D. (2011), Harvard University, is a senior Lector of Arabic at Yale University.

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