The Plural Self: Multiplicity in Everyday Life

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SAGE Publications, 23‏/02‏/1999 - 278 من الصفحات
`[This book′s] fundamental thesis is a rather challenging one - the idea that the unified, singular "self", which we all take for granted we possess, does not exist... fascinating and important... I will certainly revisit the book... when you′re ready for a challenge, this book is certainly worth dipping into′ - Counselling News

`I thoroughly recommend this book. I found it challenging, provocative, exciting and full of delights. (It makes such a change to be told that ideal personality characteristics would include a Monty Pythonesque sense of humour and a tolerance of mind-altering drugs!) While reading it I often felt nourished and refreshed′ - The Journal of Critical Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy

With the emergence of postmodern thinking, the notion of a unified, singular `self′ appears increasingly problematic. Yet for many, postmodernism′s proclamation of `the death of the subject′ is equally problematic. As a response to this dilemma, there has been a rise of interest in pluralistic models of the `self′ in which the person is conceptualized as a multiplicity of subpersonalities, as a plurality of existential possibilities or as a `being′ which is inextricably in-dialogue-with-others.

Bringing together many disciplines, and with contributions from foremost writers on self-pluralism, The Plural Self overviews and critiques this emerging field. Drawing together theory, research and practice, the book expands on both the psychological and philosophical theories underlying and associated with self-pluralism, and presents empirical evidence in support of the self-pluralistic perspective, exploring its application within a clinical and therapeutic setting.

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