Ancient History of the Manchuria: Redefining the past

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This is literally a new voice from the eastern end of the great wall, and an eye opening essay written by a retired physician, who has deep root in the Confucian culture. Interpretation of the ancient Chinese scriptures to modern languages had been tarnished by the Chinese Imperial court, and Confucian culture. Later historian used, and moved on to the next steps without any critical thinking. With this premises, Mosol starts to explore many issues around the Eastern End of the Great wall. He tackled all the disputed issues from the origin and analyzed in depth. The eye witnessed story about the major war conducted by Emperor Wu is the starting point of his essay. Many disputed subjects were discussed, and introduced. It is a “fresh look in academic sense” for others scholars. To get his message through to the others, he inserted lots of Chinese ideograms in the text.

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