Rajiv Gandhi: his mind and ideology

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Gian Pub. House, 1991 - 435 من الصفحات
Rajiv Gandhi represented a certain ideology and principles. These were rooted in India s glorious traditions of international movement as espoused by Mahatam Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and later by Indira Gandhi. It was on these principles that rested the foundation of a democratic, secular and united India. India is today at the crossroasds. Has Rajiv left behind both a fragile nation and a Party split more than every by internal rivalries? Does the Congress party want to get a majority in Parliament by riding a sympathy wave instead of attracting voters of its policies and programmes? There is no alternative to the Congress if secular nationalism has to be safeguarded and the Congress itself revolved around the personality of Rajiv Gandhi. The departed leader in his death has posed a test for the people of India . Do they prefer the legacy which Tilak and Gandhi and Nehru bequeathed or the views of imperialist sociologists which the reactionary parties are advocating as nationalism? Rajiv s reforms could not produce the desired results as his colleagues and bureaucrats failed to understand his world view. His demise provides the opportunity for a new beginning. But the road will be long. The light that the Gandhi-Nehru family lit are shining bright and should lead the masses into the future. Protecting these lights is the task of every Indian.

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