Positive Organizational Scholarship: Foundations of a New Discipline

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Kim S. Cameron, Jane E. Dutton, Robert E. Quinn
National Geographic Books, 10‏/08‏/2003 - 480 من الصفحات
Scholarship establishes a new field of study in the organizational sciences. Just as positive psychology focuses on exploring optimal individual psychological states rather than pathological ones, Positive Organizational Scholarship focuses attention on optimal organizational states --- the dynamics in organizations that lead to the development of human strength, foster resiliency in employees, make healing, restoration, and reconciliation possible, and cultivate extraordinary individual and organizational performance.
While the concept of positive organizational scholarship encompasses the examination of typical and even dysfunctional patterns of behavior, it emphasizes positive deviance from expected patterns. Positive Organizational Scholarship examines the enablers, motivations, and effects associated with remarkably positive phenomena --- how they are facilitated, why they work, how they can be identified, and how researchers and managers can capitalize on them. The contributors do not adopt one particular theory or framework but draw from the full spectrum of organizational theories to understand, explain, and predict the occurrence, causes, and consequences of positivity.
Positive Organizational Scholarship rigorously seeks to understand what represents the best of the human condition based on scholarly research and theory. This book invites organizational scholars to build upon and extend the positive organizational phenomena being examined. It provides the definitional, theoretical, and empirical foundations for what will become a cumulative body of enduring work.

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Kim S. Cameron is professor of organizational behavior in the School of Business and professor of higher education in the School of Education at the University of Michigan. His research centers on organizational virtuousness, especially forgiveness after downsizing, and its effects on performance. A key aspiration is to establish positive organizational scholarship in the main- stream of the organizational sciences.
Jane E. Dutton’s research focuses on how high-quality relationships affect individuals and work organizations. She is interested in the transformative potential of relationships as they enable growth, identity, knowledge, and change for individuals. She also studies how organizational contexts enable relational capabilities of firms that heal, build resilience, and foster human flourishing. She is the William Russell Kelly Professor of Business Administration and professor of psychology at the University of Michigan.
Robert E. Quinn is interested in positive organizational scholarship and the processes of change. He focuses his research, teaching, and practice on unleashing human potential. He specifically addresses topics such as leader- ship, vision, and the transformation of people, groups, and organizations. He holds the Margaret Elliot Tracy Collegiate Professorship at the University of Michigan and teaches in the School of Business.

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