Accommodating National Identity: New Approaches in International and Domestic Law

الغلاف الأمامي
Stephen Tierney
Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 29‏/08‏/2000 - 302 من الصفحات
This collection of essays brings together international lawyers with their perspectives on how the international community has coped with contemporary cases of nationalist crisis and constitutional lawyers from states which are attempting to facilitate the political expression of national identity through developments in federalism, devolution, and the protection of minority rights. The aim is to explore to what extent existing legal mechanisms permit a flexible engagement with, and accommodation of, the aspirations of national and ethnic groups. It would appear that a heightened level of fluidity in the interaction and exchange of normative standards now exists in the relationship between international and domestic law as both types of system confront the challenge which national identity continues to constitute. As this process marks a renewed preparedness on the part of legal systems to expand imaginatively to meet current problems it is hoped that this collection will highlight opportunities for an ongoing process of development in this complex and troubled area.


Lessons for Accommodating National Identity
Constitutional and International Law in
Reference re Secession of Quebec
the international response to the crisis in Kosovo
Accommodating a Restless Nation
Constitutional Accommodation of Ethnicity and National Identity
a Legal Analysis
Towards an Agreed Northern Ireland?
Concluding Remarks
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