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part of the eftate as fhall be of a perishable nature and fuch further part, if any, as fhall be neceffary for the payment of his debts, and at the expiration of one year from his decease, the refidue; and th balance of the eftate they fhall tranfmit to the treafury of the United States, to be holden in truft for the legal claimants. But if at any time before fuch tranfmiffion, the legal reprefentative of the deceased fhall appear and demand his effects in their hands, they fhall deliver them up, being paid their fees, and fhall ceafe their proceedings.

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For the information of the reprefentative of the deceased, it fhall be the duty of the conful notify the or vice conful authorized to proceed as afore- death in a fand in the fettlement of his eftate, immediate- published ly to notify his death in one of the gazettes published in the confulate, and alfo to the Secretary of State, that the fame may be notified in the state to which the deceased fhall belong; and he fhall alfo, as foon as may be, tranfmit to the Secretary of State, an inventory of the effects of the deceased taken as before direc'ted.


Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the Duty as to Taid confuls and vice confuls, in cafes where ftranded ships or veffels of the United States fhall be ftranded on the coafts of their confulates refpectively, fhall, as far as the laws of the country will permit, take proper measures, as well for the purpofe of faving the faid fhips or vef fels, their cargoes and appurtenances, as for ftoring and fecuring the effects and merchandize faved, and for taking an inventory or inventories thereof; and the merchandize and effects faved with the inventory or inventories thereof taken as aforefaid, fhall, after deduc


ing therefrom the expenfe, be delivered to the owner or owners. Provided, That no conful or vice conful fhall have authority to take poffeffion of any fuch goods, wares, merchandize or other property, when the mafter, owner or confignee thereof is prefent or capable of taking poffeffion of the fame.

Confuls to

Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That it fhall and may be lawful for every conful and vice conful of the United States, to take and receive the following fees of office for the fervices which he fhall have performed.

For authenticating under the confular feal, every proteft, declaration, depofition, or other act, which fuch captains, mafters, mariners, feamen, paffengers, merchants or others as are citizens of the United States may refpectively chufe to make, the fum of two dollars.

For the taking into poffeffion, inventorying, felling and finally fettling and paying, or tranfmitting as aforefaid, the balance due on the perfonal eftare left by any citizen of the United States who fhall die within the limits of his confulate five per centum on the grofs amount of fuch eftate.

For taking into poffeffion and otherwife proceeding on any fuch eftate which fhall be delivered over to the legal reprefentative before a final fettlement of the fame, as is herein before directed two and an half per centum on fuch part delivered over as fhall not be in money, and five per centum on the grofs amount of the refidue.

And it fhall be the duty of the confuls and ript for vice-confuls of the United States, to give receipts for all fees which they fhall receive by


virtue of this act, expreffing the particular fer, vices for which they are paid.

authorized to grant 4

falary to Barbary. confuls ip

Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That in Prefident cafe it be found neceffary for the interest of the United States, that a conful or confuls be appointed to refide on the coaft of Barbary, the Prefident be authorized to allow an annual falary, not exceeding two thousand dollars to each perfon fo to be appointed: Provided, That fuch falary be not allowed to more than one conful for any one of the ftates on the faid


tics to be

cretary of

Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That every Confuls to conful and vice conful fhall, before they enter give bond on the execution of their trufts, or if already with furein the execution of the fame, within one year approved from the paffing of this act, or if refident in by the feAfia, within two years, give bond with fuch tate; fureties as fhall be approved by the Secretary of State, in a fum of not less than two thousand nor more than ten thoufand dollars, conditioned for the true and faithful difcharge of the duties of his office according to law, and alfo for truly accounting for all monies, goods and effects which may come into his poffeffion by virtue of this act: and the faid bond fhall be lodged in the office of the Secretary of the lodged. Treafury.

where to be


Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That to ProviGon prevent the mariners and feamen, employed in for mariveffels belonging to citizens of the United hers left in States, in cafes of fhipwreck, fickness or cap- ports. tivity, from fuffering in foreign ports, it shall be the duty of the confuls and vice confuls refpectively, from time to time to provide for them in the molt reasonable manner, at the expenfe of the United States, fubject to fuch inftruc

Duty of

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tions as the Secretary of State fhall give, and not exceeding an allowance of twelve cents to a man per diem; and all mafters and commanders of veffels belonging to citizens of the United States, and bound to fome port of the fame, are hereby required and enjoined to take fuch mariners or feamen on board of their Thips or veffels, at the request of the faid confuls or vice confuls refpectively, and to transport them to the port, in the United States to which fuch fhips or veffels may be bound free of cofts or charge; but that the faid mariners or feamen fhall, if able, be bound to do duty on board fuch fhips or veffels according to their feveral abilities: Provided, That no mafter or captain of any ship or veffel, fhall be obliged to take a greater number than two men to every one hundred tons burthen of the faid fhip or veffel, on any one voyage: and if any fuch captain or master shall refuse the fame on the requeft or order of the conful or vice conful, fuch captain or master fhall forfeit and pay the fum of thirty dollars for each mariner or feaman fo refufed, to be recovered for the benefit of the United States by the faid conful or viceconful in his own name, in any court of competent jurifdiction.

Sec. 8. And be it further enacted, That mafters of where a fhip or veffel belonging to citizens of veifels re- the United States is fold in a foreign port or fpecting charged place, the master, unless the crew are liable feamen and by their contract or do confent to be discharneglecting ged there, fhall fend them back to the state

"of confuls


where they entered on board, or furnish them with means fufficient for their return, to be afcertained by the conful or vice conful of the United States, having jurifdiction of the port or place. And in cafe of the masters refufal,

the faid conful or vice conful may (if the laws of the land permit it) caufe his fhip, goods and perfon to be arrefted and held until he fhall comply with his duty herein.


Sec. 9. And be it further enacted, That the Powers defpecification of certain powers and duties, in this act, to be exercifed or performed by the confuls and vice confuls of the United States, fhall not be conftrued to the exclufion of others. refulting from the nature of their appointments,, or any treaty or convention under which they may act.

of the House of Reprefentatives.

JOHN ADAMS, Vice-Prefident of the United
States, and Prefident of the Senate.

APPROVED, April fourteenth, 1792:

Prefident of the United States.


An Act authorizing the Grant and Conveyance of certain Lands to the Ohio Company of Affociates. Sec. 1, E it enacted by the Senate and B Houfe of Reprefentatives of the United States of America in Congress affembled, Certam That a certain contract expreffed in an inden- tract of ture executed on the twenty feventh day of land conOctober, in the year one thoufand feven hun- tracted for dred and eighty seven, between the then board of treafury for the United States of America,

in 1787,

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