The Relationship Skills Workbook: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to a Thriving Relationship

Sounds True, 01/10/2014 - 224

Course objectives:

  • Recognize relationship as an emotional healer; identify triggers, move through them, and come back into ease and aliveness
  • Discover how intimacy in relationship requires curiosity, wonder, and the ability to find the truth of one's experience deep in one's body
  • Discuss how to speak the "unarguable truth"; utilizing the eight step moving emotions processmoving from stuckness into emotional flow
  • Define three toxic habits within relationships and their antidotestransforming our own behavior, as well as those around us through positive attention
  • Summarize how to move out of power struggles within relationships and into agreements which allow everyone to get everything they want
  • Discuss how to live within the relationship you really want moving between contractiona and expansivenesswelcoming appreciations, creativity, play, aliveness, as well as love for self and other
  • Utilize checklists, tools, and journaling exercises as a way to engage, reflect and explore relationship skills and self-growth

What are the ingredients of a successful and enduring relationship? Love, passion, and commitment are all vitalyet without certain basic skills, even the most devoted partners can find themselves descending into arguments, power struggles, and disillusionment. With The Relationship Skills Workbook, Dr. Julia Colwell presents a practical guide for building a conscious partnership based on cooperation and trustoffering relationship-saving techniques and on-the-spot conflict resolution tools for disarming the explosive clashes that most commonly break couples apart.

In this friendly and easy-to-use resource, Dr. Colwell teaches you essential tools for:

  • Crisis and conflict first aidcommunication strategies and emotional mastery techniques to stop arguing and start connecting
  • Getting unstuck from power struggleshow to shift from deadlock to mutual responsibility and support
  • Ending the blame gameletting go of accusation and resentment to create win-win agreements
  • Supporting each other's growth and successhow to retain your personal autonomy while fully committing to your partner's happiness
  • Moving from reactivity to creative solutionstechniques to keep your brain's flight-or-fight instinct from undermining your heart's desires
  • Sustaining love, passion, and romancehow you can choose to create a magnificent relationship together

"Relationships, while seemingly complicated, don't have to be so mysterious," Dr. Colwell says. "What I've learned from my decades of personal and professional experiences is that a few elegantly simple concepts and skills can help any couple through the most difficult spotsand help us transform conflict into intimacy, passion, and ever-deepening love."




Real Self True Connection CHAPTER 1 Would You Rather Be Right or Be Happy?
Speaking the Unarguable Truth
PART TWO Listening to Your Body CHAPTER 3 Understanding the Five Basic Emotions
Feeling Too Good
Energy in Motion
The HowTos of Moving Emotions
Judgment and Defense
PART FOUR Living the Biggest Relationship You Can Imagine CHAPTER 18 A Dream Come True
Moving between Expansiveness and Contraction
Creativity and Play
Choosing Aliveness
Choosing Love
Learning to Love Yourself

Bringing It Back into Relationship
Advanced Tips for Emotional Mastery
Blocks and Unblocking
PART THREE The Route to True Power CHAPTER 11 Taking Healthy Responsibility
Three Toxic Habits to Break
Empowerment through Integrity
Making Great and Successful Agreements
From Power Struggle to Empowerment
EPILOGUE Traveling the Path to a Magical Relationship
Quick Guide to Making a Choice
Sample Answers to ArguableUnarguable Truth Exercise
The Inner
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Julia B. Colwell

Julia B. Colwell, PhD, has spent over three decades and many thousands of hours with individuals, couples, and groups, exploring the world of relationships. Julie received her training as a clinical psychologist at the University of Colorado. Moving out of the world of traditional talk therapy into a body-centered focus, she's fine-tuned a style that is at once direct, respectful, gentle, confrontational, and loving, co-creating personal and relationship transformation.

Julie has a private practice in Boulder, Colorado, where she facilitates the transformation of individuals, couples, groups, and organizations. She is the inspiration behind and the co-founder of the Boulder Center for Conscious Community, where she teaches a range of classes, groups, and workshops, and leads the Intensive Learning Community and the Life Alignment Program.

Julia is happy to celebrate her recent marriage to her partner, Kathryn Kucsan, after being with her for 26 years. Their main vision of their relationship is to do whatever supports each of them to be happyand they have kitchen-tested everything Julie teaches in their time together. For more, visit