The Partition of India and Mountbatten

الغلاف الأمامي
Atlantic Publishers & Distributors (P) Limited, 1989 - 205 من الصفحات
In This Study An Attempt Has Been Made To Determine, On The Basis Of Lord Mountbatten'S Own Papers, His Inner Thinking About Pakistan As Reflected In His General Agreement With The Congress Leaders' Viewpoint About Plans For The Independence Of India, His Arguments Before The Muslim League Leaders That It Was In The Interests Of The Muslims Themselves That The Country Should Not Be Partitioned, His Telling Jawaharlal Nehru That If A Truncated Pakistan Was Allowed To Come Into Being At An Early Date He Was Sure That Such A Pakistan Was Bound To Ask For Merger With Residuary India, His Advancing The Date Of The Transfer Of Power Several Times, Admitting At The Same Time That Early Transfer Of Power Would Suit Resi¬Duary India But Would Create Serious Problems For Pakistan, His And/Or His Aides' Role In The Demarcation Of The Final Boundaries Of Pakistan,

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