Nursing mental diseases

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الصفحة 10 - We are spinning our own fates, good or evil, and never to be undone. Every smallest stroke of virtue or of vice leaves its never so little scar. The drunken Rip Van Winkle, in Jefferson's play, excuses himself for every fresh dereliction by saying,
الصفحة 12 - As you did that habit make. As you gathered, you must lose ; As you yielded, now refuse. Thread by thread the strands we twist, Till they bind us, neck and wrist ; Thread by thread the patient hand Must untwine, ere free we stand ; As we builded, stone by stone, We must toil unhelped, alone, Till the wall is overthrown.
الصفحة 10 - Well! he may not count it, and a kind Heaven may not count it; but it is being counted none the less. Down among his nerve cells and fibres the molecules are counting it, registering and storing it up to be used against him when the next temptation comes.
الصفحة 114 - That it shall be unlawful for any person not registered under the provision of this act, and who has not paid the special tax provided for by this act, to have in his possession or under his control any of the aforesaid drugs...
الصفحة 113 - That on and after the first day of March, nineteen hundred and fifteen, every person who produces, imports, manufactures, compounds, deals in, dispenses, sells, distributes, or gives away opium or coca leaves or any compound, manufacture, salt, derivative, or preparation thereof...
الصفحة 24 - Town were not so discouraging, might again, by the judicious Assistance of Physic and Surgery, be enabled to taste the Blessings of Health, and be made in a few Weeks, useful Members of the Community, able to provide for themselves and Families.
الصفحة 23 - That few or none of them are so sensible of their Condition as to submit voluntarily to the Treatment their respective Cases require, and therefore continue in the same deplorable State during their Lives...
الصفحة 12 - Toward the center's downward sweep ; Backward turn, each step ashore Shallower is than that before. Ah, the precious years we waste Leveling what we raised in haste ; Doing what must be undone Ere content or love be won ! First across the gulf we cast Kite-borne threads, till lines are passed, And habit builds the bridge at last ! THE KING'S EVIL.
الصفحة 10 - The hell to be endured hereafter, of which theology tells, is no worse than the hell we make for ourselves in this world by habitually fashioning our characters in the wrong way.

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