Reworking Gender: A Feminist Communicology of Organization

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" Reworking Gender is a remarkable analysis of the intersections of discourse, gender, and organizing that not only addresses contemporary metatheoretical concerns but also illuminates these issues with archival and interview data. . . . Reworking Gender systematically lays out arguments for the importance of work in our field, for communication's connections with and potential contributions to related disciplines, and for possible ways in which researchers can continue to challenge boundaries between presumably incommensurable discourses. Without a doubt, Reworking Gender will prove to be a landmark book in feminist, critical-cultural, organization studies, and organizational communication theorizing." --Patrice M. Buzzanell, Purdue University Reworking Gender: A Feminist Communicology of Organization examines the place of gender and feminist scholarship in contemporary critical organization studies. Departing from the common view of gender as a specialized branch of organization scholarship, authors Dennis K. Mumby and Karen Lee Ashcraft reposition feminism in a communication-centered model that integrates recent developments in feminist, critical, and postmodern organizational studies. Linking theory to practical projects, the authors address many of the complex and often contradictory concerns of critical organizational scholarship, including issues of discourse, subjectivity, power, race, and class. In a compelling and timely fashion, this important volume explores Gendered organization studies in the wake of the discursive turn The dynamic relationship between gender and organization The social construction of gendered work identities The intersection of gender, race, sexuality, and class The dialectical relation of power and resistance With its interdisciplinary approach, Reworking Gender: A Feminist Communicology of Organization will be of significant interest to scholars and graduate students in such fields as organizational communication, management and organization studies, sociology, and gender studies.

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1 Feminist Organization Studies in the Wake of the Discursive Turn
2 Feminism and the Discourse of Modernism
3 Postmodernism and Organization Studies
4 Organizing at the Intersection of Feminism and Postmodernism
5 A Feminist Communicology of Organization
6 A Feminist Communicology of the Airline Pilot
7 Conclusion
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Karen Lee Ashcraft (Ph.D., University of Colorado, Boulder) specializes in research on organizational communication, gender relations, alternative forms of organizing, ethnography, power and culture.

Dennis K. Mumby is the Cary C. Boshamer Distinguished Professor of Communication at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA. His research focuses on the communicative dynamics of organizational control and resistance under neoliberalism. He is a Fellow of the International Communication Association, and a National Communication Association Distinguished Scholar. He has authored or edited 7 books and over 60 articles in the area of critical organization studies, and his work has appeared in journals such as Academy of Management Review, Management Communication Quarterly, Organization Studies, Organization, and Human Relations. He is past chair of the Organizational Communication Division of NCA, and an 8-time winner of the division’s annual research award. He has served as chair of the Organizational Communication Division of the International Communication Association, and is a recipient of the division’s Fredric M. Jablin Award for contributions to the field of organizational communication.

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