Handbook of Biomedical Instrumentation

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McGraw-Hill Education, 1987 - 702 من الصفحات

 Describing the physiological basis and engineering

principles of electro-medical equipment,

Handbook of Biomedical Instrumentation

also includes information on the principles of

operation and the performance parameters of a

wide range of instruments.

Broadly, this comprehensive handbook


■ recording and monitoring instruments

■ measurement and analysis techniques

■ modern imaging systems

■ therapeutic equipment

This 3rd Edition has been thoroughly revised

and updated taking into account technological

innovations and introduction of new and

improved methods of medical diagnosis and


Capturing recent developments and discussing

new topics, the 3rd Edition includes a separate

chapter on ‘Telemedicine Technology’, which

shows how information and communication

technologies have made significant contribution

in better diagnosis and treatment of patients and

management of health facilities. Alongside,

there is coverage of new implantable devices as

increasingly such devices are being preferred

for treatment, particularly in neurological

stimulation for pain management, epilepsy,

bladder control, etc.

The 3rd Edition also appropriately addresses

‘Point of Care’ equipment: as some technologies

become easier to use and less expensive

and equipment becomes more transportable,

even complex technologies can diffuse out of

hospitals and institutional settings into outpatient

facilities and patient’s homes.

With expanded coverage, this exhaustive and

comprehensive handbook would be useful for

biomedical physicists and engineers, students,

doctors, physiotherapists, and manufacturers of

medical instruments.


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Fundamentals of Medical Instrumentation
Bioelectric Signals and Electrodes
Physiological Transducers
Recording System
Biomedical Recorders
Patient Monitoring Systems
Arrhythmia and Ambulatory Monitoring Instruments
Foetal Monitoring Instruments
Modern Imaging Systems
Nuclear Medical Imaging Systems
Magnetic Resonance Imaging System
Ultrasonic Imaging Systems
Thermal Imaging Systems
Therapeutic Equipment
Cardiac Defibrillators
Instruments for Surgery

Blood Flow and Cardiac Output Measurement
Biomedical Telemetry
Telemedicine Technology
Pulmonary Function Analysers
Clinical Laboratory Instruments
Blood Gas Analysers
Blood Cell Counters
Audiometers and Hearing Aids
Patient SaFety
Laser Applications in Biomedical
Physiotherapy and Electrotherapy Equipment
Haemodialysis Machines
Anaesthesia Machine
Radiotherapy Equipment
Automated Drug Delivery Systems
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