Mother Teresa

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Critical Lives: Mother Teresa will cover: worldly wealth-the privileged childhood of Agnes Goinxha Bejaxhiu, the influence of her father's mysterious death, and the impact of her mother's guidance; the vision-her stay in the mountains of Darjeeling and her calling from God to serve the "poorest of the poor"; Calcutta-the formation of the Mission of Charity, the Home for the Dying, and her work with society's unwanted; persecution-attacks by Hindu priests and Marxist politicians.; fame-Mother Teresa's work is the subject of a BBC documentary, she becomes famous and wins the Nobel Peace Prize; confrontation and criticism-her fame results in ridicule from leftist factions in the Catholic church and from feminist groups, and allegations of her unethical business practices surface; and canonization-her failing years, beatific vision, death, and postmortem miracles.

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Shanti Mother Teresa
Worldly Life and Death
Worldly Denial
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Paul L. Williams holds a Ph.D. in historical theology from Drew University. His dissertation won the National Book Award for literary and scholastic merit. He has served as a professor of theology and philosophy at the University of Scranton and Wilkes University and as senior editor of Northeast Books, the publishing arm of The Fellowship of Catholic Scholars. He has written feature articles on religion for National Review and has appeared on Firing Line, People Are Talking, and Larry King Live. He has also penned a series of scripts for CBS and Allied Artists.

As a newspaper reporter for The Metro, Williams captured three first-prize Keystone Press Awards in three different categories in the same year a feat unequaled in the history of Pennsylvania journalism. His previous books include The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Crusades (Alpha Books, 2002), The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Lives of the Saints (Alpha Books, 2002), Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Catholic Church but Were Afraid to Ask for Fear of Excommunication (Doubleday, 1990), and The Moral Philosophy of Peter Abelard (The University Press of America, 1980). He lives in Clarks Green, Pennsylvania, with his wife, Patricia, and daughter, Katie.

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