Genetic Psychology Monographs, المجلد 1

الغلاف الأمامي
Carl Murchison
Journal Press, 1926

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الصفحة 406 - Devoted to child behavior, animal behavior, and comparative psychology. Manuscripts may be sent to any member of the Editorial Board, or may be sent directly to the general editorial office. All subscriptions and business communications should be sent directly to The Journal Press. Two volumes annually. Per annum...
الصفحة 405 - If, in the history of the race as a whole, the Mediterranean and Caspian peoples have played a great part, that of the Alpines seems hardly less impressive ; and there is not a little reason to believe that only where these types have met and mingled have the highest achievements been attained. Thus Babylonian civilization grew out of the blending of the supposedly Alpine Sumerian with the Mediterranean-Caspian Semitic peoples who seem long to have been in occupation of the Mesopotamian plain ; in...
الصفحة 397 - Among the women, beauty, aside from the fleeting, epidermal bloom of girlhood, was quite lacking. In every face there was something wrong — lips thick, mouth coarse, upper lip too long, cheek-bones too high, chin poorly formed, the bridge of the nose hollowed, the base of the nose tilted, or else the whole face prognathous.
الصفحة 406 - Subscription $5. 500 pages per volume. Edited by WS Hunter. Published without fixed dates, each number a single research. Psychoanalytic Review— Washington, DC: 3617 10th St., NW Subscription $6.
الصفحة 396 - Our immigration from Canada ... we are getting . . . the less intelligent of working-class people. . . . the increase in the number of French Canadians is alarming. Whole New England villages and towns are filled with them. The average intelligence of the French Canadian group in our data approaches the level of the average Negro intelligence.
الصفحة 406 - Alpine and Palae-Alpines, rather than in the north where such amalgamation was less clear, that the revival of culture had its start; that many of the forerunners and leaders of the Reformation, such as Huss, Luther, Zwingli, Calvin, all came from regions where the fusion of types must have been vigorously going on? The complexity of the causes underlying all such great movements...
الصفحة 395 - Spanish-Mexican descent has shown that the average intelligence of this group is even lower than the average intelligence of the Portuguese and Negro children ... in this study. Yet Mexicans are flowing into the country.
الصفحة 50 - The leg with the rectangular end was placed at the opposite side of the body from the place where it fitted. Similarly with the other leg and the two arms. The examiner said, "Put this together as quickly as you can!
الصفحة 405 - ... Latium had been halfdominated by Alpines coming southward from the valley of the Po and the region where the older Etruscan culture had its center. In the East, Chinese civilization had its rise in an area where strong Caspian elements were absorbed by...

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