Nationalism and Modernism: The modernist paradigm; the rise of classical modernism; varieties of modernism; the culture of industrialism; capitalism and nationalism; state and nation; political messianism; invention and imagination; critics and alternatives; primordialism and perennialism; ethno-symbolism; beyond Modernism?; conclusion

الغلاف الأمامي
Routledge, 1998 - 270 من الصفحات
This is a survey of the diverse theories of nationalism against the background of debates about modernity. The author traces the changing view of this topic within the contemporary political, cultural and socio-economic arena. He explores the arguments of theoretical interpretations of nationalism, from the modernist approaches of Gellner, Nairn, Breuilly, Giddens and Hobsbawm to the alternative paradigms of van den Bergh and Geertz, Armstrong and Smith himself. He also analyses the contributions of such historians, sociologists and political scientists as Seton-Watson, Reynolds, Hastings, Horowitz and Brass. The survey concludes with an analysis of post-modern approaches to national identity, gender and nation.

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