William James Remembered

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University of Nebraska Press, 1996 - 275 من الصفحات
William James Remembered brings together reminiscences of James by family members, friends, and prominent intellectuals. The result is a many-sided portrait of a man who, besides playing a crucial role in American life during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, remains an animating spirit in our own time. The contributors include some of the people who knew James best. His brother, the novelist Henry James, opens the volume with a recollection of William at age seventeen, during one of their trips to Europe. Josiah Royce, George Santayana, and Ralph Barton Perry are among the faculty members of turn-of-the-century Harvard University who offer vivid portraits of their colleague. Memoirs by James's students reveal his pronounced unconventionality and his inspiring presence. Personal friends such as social reformer Josephine Goldmark and physician James Jackson Putnam provide insights into James's private life.

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Henry James A Brothers Notes
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George Herbert Palmer William James
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Linda Simon is an associate professor of English and Director of Expository Writing at Skidmore College. She is the author of The Biography of Alice B. Toklas (Nebraska 1991) and the editor of Gertrude Stein Remembered (Nebraska 1994).

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