India’s Foreign Policy

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Pearson Education India, 2009 - 476 من الصفحات
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India’s Foreign Policy features scholars specializing in different dimensions of foreign-policy analysis who examine the dynamics of India’s international relations. It reviews India’s economic growth that has propelled it to the status of a globally-recognized power, and examines its nuclear policy and maritime strategy as a register of its present capabilities and future aspirations. It also features news media as an important index to—and catalysis for—the formulation of government policies, and India’s bilateral and multilateral relations.

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Class and Policy in India
A Comparative Study of the Preand PostLiberalization Phases
WTOs Aborted Cancun Conferenc
Modernizing the Indian Navy
Indias Nuclear Policy
The Most Movement in Nepal
The new IndiaUS Relationship
Challenges and Opportunities for Indias Foreign policy
Unravelling Indias ASEAN Policy over Three Decades
Challenges and Opportunities
Prospects and Possibilities in the 21st Century
The Multilateral Process in Central Asia
Changing Landscaps Emerging Agendas
India and Africa in Cooperative Relations
India and East Asian Multilateralism

Towards new Strategic Relations
Chinas Quest for Multilateralism
Strategic Alliance or Political Convenience?
Incremental progress?
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