What Education Has the Most Worth?: A Study in Educational Values, Conditions, Methods, Forces, and Results

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Macmillan, 1924 - 235 من الصفحات


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الصفحة 193 - God is the natural appellation, for us Christians at least, for the supreme reality, so I will call this higher part of the universe by the name of God. We and God have business with each other ; and in opening ourselves to His influence our deepest destiny is fulfilled.
الصفحة 166 - Who, though so noble, share in the world's toil, And, though so task'd, keep free from dust and soil! I will not say that your mild deeps retain A tinge, it may be, of their silent pain Who have long'd deeply once, and long'd in vain — But I will rather say that you remain A world above man's head, to let him see How boundless might his soul's horizons be, How vast, yet of what clear transparency! How it were good to abide there, and breathe free ; How fair a lot to fill Is left to each man still!
الصفحة 24 - Seize the very first possible opportunity to act on every resolution you make and on every emotional prompting you may experience in the direction of the habits you aspire to gain. It is not in the moment of their forming, but in the moment of their producing motor effects, that resolves and aspirations communicate the new " set
الصفحة 87 - He was the first who taught me to weigh my words, and to be cautious in my statements. He led me to that mode of limiting and clearing my sense in discussion and in controversy, and of distinguishing between cognate ideas, and of obviating mistakes by anticipation, which to my surprise has been since considered, even in quarters friendly to me, to savor of the polemics of Rome.
الصفحة 189 - ... grows" to their use. Every time a resolve or a fine glow of feeling evaporates without bearing practical fruit is worse than a chance lost ; it works so as positively to hinder future resolutions and emotions from taking the normal path of discharge.
الصفحة 160 - There is no other institution or agency doing so much for writers, young or old. The universities recognize this, for over one hundred members of the English faculties of higher institutions are studying in our Literary Department. The editors recognize it. for they are constantly recommending our courses, • of ihr literary market.
الصفحة 180 - The sound instruction of the people is an effect of the high culture of certain classes. The countries which, like the United States, have created a considerable popular instruction without any serious higher instruction, will long have to expiate this fault by their intellectual mediocrity, their vulgarity of manners, their superficial spirit, their lack of general intelligence.
الصفحة ii - Letters from a Father to His Son Entering College Letters from a Father to His Daughter Entering College The Co-ordinate System of the Higher Education The American College: What It Is and What It May Become Education According to Some Modern Masters The Ministry: An Appeal to College Men The Training of Men for the World's Future The College Gateway The American Colleges and Universities in the Great War The Higher Education in Australia and New Zealand Human Australasia: Studies of Society and...
الصفحة 192 - That the visible world is part of a more spiritual universe from which it draws its chief significance; z. That union or harmonious relation with that higher universe is our true end; 3. That prayer or inner communion with the spirit thereof — be that spirit "God
الصفحة 38 - People; and finally the aggregate of rules and maxims, whether written or unwritten, that define the scope and fix the manner of exercise of the powers of the State, is known as the Constitution. The State itself then is neither the People, the Government, the Magistracy, nor the Constitution. Nor is it indeed the territory over which its authority extends. It is the given community of given individuals, viewed in a certain aspect, namely, as a political unity.

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