The Indian Media: Illusion, Delusion, and Reality : Essays in Honour of Prem Bhatia

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Rupa, 2006 - 320 من الصفحات
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The Indian Media: Illusion, Delusion and Reality looks at half a century of Indian media and its evolution, and how it has dealt with the critical issues facing all of us, from secularism to development, from defence and foreign affairs to human rights and the position of women.This collection of essays comprises the considered views of individual authors, many from within the profession, of how the media has opted to deal with and, in some cases, willfully shut out-issues and sectors within Indian society today. Does the media reflect awareness of the divide between India and 'Bharat' and how pro-active is it? How far has substance yielded to style? What are the implications of ownership conglomerates, of the advent of TV, of the rise of regional media? All these, amongst other questions, are discussed.More than thirty voices, each with its distinct tone and perspective, reflect the differentiated nature of the media itself: from monolithic corporations to micro-ventures from the grassroots; from papers where news is defined by star power to those for whom journalism is a mission and a newspaper a movement

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