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Routledge, 14‏/11‏/2021 - 360 من الصفحات
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First Published in 1990. This volume of essays on the Dutch Caribbean considers areas that are of increasing importance on the international scene and on which little has been written. The Dutch Caribbean shares many of the features of the French-, Spanish- and English-speaking Caribbean. Like these other linguistic zones, the Dutch Caribbean emerged from a history of slavery and colonialism with economies rooted in, or characterized by, the plantation system.

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Introduction to Series
e future of the Netherlands Antilles
19751989 Domestic and foreign policies under military and civilian rule
Robertico Croes and Lucita Moenir Alam
Fabian Badejo
e Dut Caribbean and transitions in United StatesCaribbean relations
Struggle for democracy in Suriname
the United States and Suriname
independence for the Netherlands Antilles
historical linkages and geopolitical
toward theory for the Dut Caribbean experience
General information about the Dut Caribbean

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