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الصفحة 310 - twas a very wicked thing!" said little Wilhelmine. "Nay... nay... my little girl," quoth he, "it was a famous victory. And everybody praised the Duke who this great fight did win." "But what good came of it at last?" quoth little Peterkin. "Why that I cannot tell," said he, "but 'twas a famous victory.
الصفحة 495 - Whereas it is necessary for the support of government, for the discharge of the debts of the United States, and the encouragement and protection of manufactures, that duties be laid on goods, wares, and merchandises imported: Be it enacted, etc.
الصفحة 540 - Secondly, a misfortune of this kind may arise where both parties are to blame; where there has been a want of due diligence or of skill on both sides: in such a case, the rule of law is that the loss must be apportioned between them, as having been occasioned by the fault of both of them.
الصفحة 305 - ... rendered the general medium of exchange, it devolves on the wisdom of congress, to provide a substitute, which shall equally engage the confidence, and accommodate the wants, of the citizens throughout the Union. If the operation of the State banks cannot produce this result, the probable operation of a National Bank will merit consideration ; and, if neither of these expedients be deemed effectual, it may become necessary to ascertain the terms upon which the notes of the government (no longer...
الصفحة 331 - If the work should ever be executed so as to admit of the passage of sea vessels from ocean to ocean, the benefits of it ought not to be exclusively appropriated to any one nation, but should be extended to all parts of the globe upon the payment of a just compensation or reasonable tolls.
الصفحة 299 - POETICAL WORKS. The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott, Bart. — Containing Lay of the Last Minstrel, Marmion, Lady of the Lake, Don Roderick, Rokeby, Ballads, Lyrics, and Songs, with a Life of the Author.
الصفحة 102 - A General Dictionary of Geography, Descriptive, Physical, Statistical, and Historical ; forming a complete Gazetteer of the World. By A. KEITH JOHNSTON, FRSE 8vo. 31s. 6d. M'Culloch's Dictionary, Geographical, Statistical, and Historical, of the various Countries, Places, and principal Natural Objects in the World.
الصفحة 575 - Regarding the punishment of English criminals, the English Government will enact the laws necessary to attain that end, and the Consul will be empowered to put them in force ; and regarding the punishment of Chinese criminals, these will be tried and punished by their own laws, in the way provided for by the correspondence which took place at Nanking, after the concluding of the peace.
الصفحة 331 - Granada, for the purpose of effectually protecting, by suitable treaty stipulations with them, such individuals or companies as may undertake to open a communication between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans by the construction of a ship canal across the isthmus which connects North and South America, and of securing forever by such stipulations the free and equal right of navigating such canal to all nations on the payment of such reasonable tolls as may be established to compensate the capitalists...
الصفحة 586 - Movement. 3s. THE PORTRAIT OF AN ENGLISH CHURCHMAN. A new and cheaper edition. 2s. 6d. This is an attempt to paint the feelings, habits of thought, and mode of action which naturally flow from a sincere attachment to the system of belief and discipline of our Church. HOLIDAY TALES. IGmo. 2s.; wrapper, Is. 6d. CONTENTS :— The Magical Watch, Mr. Bull and the Giant Atmodes, Old Pedro, Adventures of a Bee. 4

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