Between Borders: Pedagogy and the Politics of Cultural Studies

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Henry A. Giroux, Peter McLaren
Routledge, 04‏/04‏/2014 - 296 من الصفحات
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Informed by the belief that critical pedagogy must move beyond the classroom if it is to be truly effective, this essay collection makes clear how cultural practices--as portrayed in film, sports, and in the classroom itself--enable cultural studies to deepen its own political possibilities and to construct diverse geographies of identity, representation and place.

Contributors: Henry A. Giroux, Ava Collins, Nancy Fraser, Carol Becker, bell hooks, Michael Eric Dyson, Roger I. Simon, Chandra Talpede Mohanty, Simon Watney, Michele Wallace, Peter McLaren, David Trend, Abdul R. JanMohamed and Kenneth Mostern.

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Identity Politics and the New Cultural Racism
Intellectuals Power and Quality Television
a Contribution to the Critique
The Education of Young Artists and The Issue of Audience
Eros Eroticism and the Pedagogical Process
Be like Mike? Michael Jordan and the Pedagogy of Desire
Challenges for Liberal Education in the 1990s
Multiculturalism and Oppositionality
Toward a Pedagogy
Nationalities Pedagogies and Media
Some Implications of Paulos Freires Border Pedagogy
Revolutionary Narrative
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Henry A. Giroux Waterbury Chair Professorship at Pennsylvania State University., Peter McLaren Associate Professor, Graduate School of Education, University of California at Los Angeles.

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