Individual Justice in Mass Tort Litigation: The Effect of Class Actions, Consolidations, and Other Multiparty Devices

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Northwestern University Press, 1995 - 367 من الصفحات
One of the most prominent of contemporary jurists, Judge Jack B. Weinstein has influenced substantive and procedural aspects of the law of mass tort litigation. He has helped create efficient yet compassionate solutions to problems resulting from Vietnam veterans' exposure to Agent Orange and to the health hazards associated with asbestos and DES.

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Overview i
The Laws Reaction to Disasters
A Types of Disasters ie 1 Clear CauseSingle EventInjuries Proximate in Time and Space
Clear CauseMultiple EventsInjuries Nonproximate in Place 17
Unclear CauseMultiple EventsInjuries Nonproximate in Time and Place is 4 Unclear CauseMultiple EventsInjuries Nonproximate in Time and PlaceI...
B Jurisdictions Implicated
International 20
Hybrid GovernmentSponsored Protection Plans 31
Specialized Courts 32
Planning for Disasters
Ethics of Lawyers 53
Buyouts 72
Plaintiffs 79
CHAPTER s Ethics of Judges
a Direct Relationship with Claimants

Single Forum 21
Support to Trier 22
Procedural Tools and Models 23
Class Actions
Attorney CooperationSpecialists and Lead Attorneys n 4 Private SettlementsAd Hoc and Institutional 27
Compensation Schemes and Legislated Limits on Liability
Claims Commissions 30
Special Masters
CHAPTER Ethics of Parties
a Liability i
The Future 10
Appendix 351
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