Mamphela Ramphele: Challenging Apartheid in South Africa

الغلاف الأمامي
Feminist Press, 2000 - 112 من الصفحات
Now there is a series designed especially to introduce young people to women whose heroic lives have helped to shape our world. Informative, inspiring, and engaging, the series tells of extraordinary achievements women have made throughout the world and introduces younger readers to the realities of other countries and cultures. Grades 6 and up. This unique biography series is designed to introduce young readers to the achievements of women around the world. The books tell the dramatic life stories of courageous women who have overcome adversity and discrimination to make extraordinary contributions to the global community. Each book contains contextual information about the geography, politics, and culture of its subject's homeland and introduces, on an accessible level, concepts such as the global economy, environmental preservation, and human rights. By providing role models, Women Changing the World serves as a source of inspiration for future world changers. Titles in the Series include: Aung San Suu Kyi Standing Up for Democracy in Burma PB $9.95, 1-55861-197-5 HC x 19.95, 1-55861-196-7 Ela Bhatt Uniting Women in India PB $9.95, 1-55861-228-9 HC x $19.95, 1-55861-229-7 Mairead Corrigan and Betty Williams Making Peace in Northern Ireland PB $9.95, 1-55861-201-7 HC x $19.95, 1-55861-200-9 Mamphela Ramphele Challenging Apartheid in South Africa PB $9.95, 1-55861-226-2 HC x $19.95, 1-55861-227-0 Rigoberta Menchu Defending Human Rights in Guatemala PB $9.95, 1-55861-199-1 HC x $19.95, 1-55861-198-3

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