Gender Roles

الغلاف الأمامي
Janice W. Lee, Amie M. Ashcraft
Nova Publishers, 2005 - 161 من الصفحات
Gender encompasses biological sex but extends beyond it to the socially prescribed roles deemed appropriate for each sex by the culture in which we live. The gender roles we each carry out are highly individualistic, built on our biological and physical traits, appearance and personality, life experiences such as childhood, career and education, and history of sexual and romantic interactions. Each element influences perceptions and expectations. Gender-related experiences influence and shape the ways we think about others and ourselves including self-image, behaviour, mood, social advancement and coping strategies. This new book brings together leading international research devoted to this subject.

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Gender Identity Development in Urban African American Girls
Perception of Self Motherhood and Gender Attitudes Among Black Women
Mexican American Womens Struggle to Create Household Health
Personality Traits WellBeing and Career Planning of Young Physicians
The Effectiveness of Womens Efficiency and Decision Making in the Family on their Psychology
The Majority of Female First Names Ended in A or E Throughout the Twentieth Century
Revisiting My Gender Identity From Going Bald to Let My Baby Eat for Me to My Mother
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الصفحة 104 - They more quickly recover their confidence after failures or setbacks, and attribute failure to insufficient effort or deficient knowledge and skills that are acquirable. High self-efficacy helps create feelings of serenity in approaching difficult tasks and activities. Conversely, people...
الصفحة 21 - The potential role of an adult mentor in influencing high-risk behaviors in adolescents.
الصفحة 30 - The effects of an abusive primary partner on the condom use and sexual negotiation practices of African-American women.
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الصفحة 102 - Perceived self-efficacy refers to beliefs in one's capabilities to organize and execute the courses of action required to produce given attainments
الصفحة 26 - Marsiglia, FF, Kulis, S., & Hecht, ML (2001). Ethnic labels and ethnic identity as predictors of drug use and drug exposure among middle school students in the Southwest.
الصفحة 104 - Self-efficacy beliefs also help determine how much effort people will expend on an activity, how long they will persevere when confronting obstacles, and how resilient they will be in the face of adverse situations.
الصفحة 56 - Organization's (WHO'sl definition of health as "a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity...
الصفحة 103 - A weak ego does not gain substantial strength from being persistently bolstered. A strong ego, secured in its identity by a strong society, does not need, and in fact is immune to any attempt at artificial inflation. Its tendency is toward the testing of what feels real; the mastery of that which works; the understanding of that which proves necessary, the enjoyment of the vital, and the extermination of the morbid.

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