A Civil Republic: Beyond Capitalism and Nationalism

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Kumarian Press, 2005 - 289 من الصفحات
* Evokes a realistic vision of globalization that fuses the core human values of "civil society" and the market aspects of "political economy."
* Investigates how components of civil society are indebted to corporate interests, and how they can move beyond conventions of capitalism and nationalism.

In A Civil Republic, Severyn T. Bruyn argues that the United States, and the world at large, is on the verge of a radical shift--dangerous but also full of opportunity. In a world of injustice, ecological destruction, violence and instability, weapons of mass destruction, and the rise of authoritarian government, our ability to craft a secure future lies in creating a "civil republic."

Bruyn envisions a system of governance that merges core human values of civil society into a political economy that has reigned supreme since the end of the Cold War. He sees a world in which religious institutions, health-care systems, businesses, media, and governments could support values of honesty, justice, and public health rather than stand subservient to corporate interests and those of markets and nation-states. He explores ways to implement a new model--one of public policy that builds a civil society beyond the conventions of capitalism and nationalism.

This provocative text is readily accessible to undergraduates. At the same time, it is a work of profound scholarship and wisdom. Philosophers, scholars and practitioners of international relations, economics, political science, business, international development, and international law will be treated to an informed and encouraging vision for a sustainable future. The author’s website (www2.bc.edu/~bruyn) provides a vital supplement with extensive bibliography, appendices, and guidelines for research by sociologists, economists, and political scientists.

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Whats the Problem?
Whats This Central Idea?
Where Are We Going?
Could a New Market Develop? 6595
How Is the New Model Applied?
What Are the Guidelines?
Who Owns It?
Who Are the Agents of Change?
How Does a Civil Society Develop?
How Do We Get There?
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