Ernest Hemingway: The Turning Point

الغلاف الأمامي
Atlantic Publishers & Dist, 1996 - 112 من الصفحات
This Study Endeavours To Trace Out Some Of The Missing Dimensions Of Ernest Hemingway S Writings, And The Search Brings This Author To Spain, Not The Usual Hemingway S Spain Of Corrida De Toros (Bullfighting), But The Spain In Flames, During Its Terrible Civil War. What Hemingway S Protagonists Were Striving To Realize All Their Lives Come True In The Smoke And Fire Of The Spanish Civil War. Hereafter Hemingway Was A Different Personality, A Different Artist With A Strikingly Different Artist With A Strikingly Different Approach To Life And Situations That Was Visible On The Thematic As Well As Stylistic Level Of His Latter/Post Spanish Civil War Writings. This Book Spans The Entire Stretch Of Hemingway S Writings, And Highlights The Transformation In The Process.

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