Three Years on the Kansas Border

الغلاف الأمامي
Miller, Orton & Mulligan, 1856 - 240 من الصفحات

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الصفحة 225 - What makes all doctrines plain and clear? About two hundred pounds a year. And that which was proved true before, Prove false again? Two hundred more.
الصفحة 220 - Well, at my first setting out I had hopes of that man, but now I fear he will perish in the overthrow of the city. For it has happened to him according to the true proverb, " The dog is turned to his vomit again ; and the sow that was washed to her wallowing in the mire.
الصفحة 235 - An act respecting fugitives from justice, and persons escaping from the service of their masters...
الصفحة 237 - For taking away any female, under the age of sixteen years, from her father, mother, guardian, or other person having the legal charge of her person, without their consent, either for the purpose of concubinage or prostitution ; Is in.
الصفحة 237 - Every person who shall maliciously, forcibly or fraudulently, lead, take or carry away, or decoy or entice away any child under the age of twelve years, with intent to detain and conceal such child, from its parent, guardian or other person having the lawful charge of such child...
الصفحة 51 - For he that fights and runs away May live to fight another day, But he that is in battle slain Will never rise to fight again.
الصفحة 237 - When committed by accident and misfortune, in lawfully correcting a child or servant, or in doing any other lawful act by lawful means, with usual and ordinary caution, and without any unlawful intent; 2.
الصفحة 52 - twas a very wicked thing ! ' Said little Wilhelmine ; ' Nay . . nay . . my little girl,' quoth he, ' It was a famous victory. ' And every body praised the Duke Who this great fight did win.' ' But what good came of it at last ? ' Quoth little Peterkm : — ' Why that I cannot tell,' said he,
الصفحة 234 - Territory, print, publish, write, circulate . . . any book, paper, magazine, pamphlet, or circular containing any denial of the right of persons to hold slaves in this Territory, such person shall be deemed guilty of felony, and punished by imprisonment at hard labor for a term of not less than two years.
الصفحة 234 - SEC. 12. If any free person, by speaking or by writing, assert or maintain that persons have not the right to hold slaves in this Territory...

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