S. RadhakrishnanHis Life And Works

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Atlantic Publishers & Dist, 2006 - 222 من الصفحات
Dr. Radhakrishnan Is An All Time Favourite Of Academicians And Philosophers And Deemed The Most Trustworthy Friend Of The Common Man. The Present Book Fulfils The Need Of All Those Who Are In Quest Of Testing The Nectar Of Radhakrishnan S Wisdom In A Condensed Form. His Book On Gandhi, That Awakens Our Conscience And Infuses With Love For Gandhi, Has Been Particularly Studied. Written In A Style Which Appeals To The Intellectual And The Layman Alike, This Book Is Bound To Be A Great Source Of Intellectual Enrichment As Well As Spiritual Enjoyment For Those Who Recognize That Mind Must Always Remain Above Matter. Aptly Remarked By Justice Gulab Gupta, Ex-Vice Chancellor, Rani Durgawati University, Jabalpur,It Is An Extraordinary Work Of Understanding And Expression And Would Promote Respect For Spirituality, Morality And Noble Thoughts... Ms. Mamta Anand S Analysis And Interpretation Of Gandhiji S Prabhamandal Reinterpretes Gandhiji S Evolution As A Mahatma.

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A Fire that Bloomed with Fragrance Life
A Sea at the Bay Great Works of Radhakrishnan
The Hindu View of Life A Thematic Analysis
Essays and Reflections on His Life
Of Existence and Coexistence
Radhakrishnan A Litteraire
The Indian Titan
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