Handbook of Management Accounting Research

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Christopher S. Chapman, Anthony G. Hopwood, Michael D. Shields
Elsevier, 08‏/12‏/2006 - 560 من الصفحات
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Volume one of the Handbooks of Management Accounting Research sets the context for both Handbooks, with three chapters outlining the historical development of management accounting as a discipline and as a practice in three broad geographic settings. The bulk of the first volume then draws together a series of contributions that analyse the scholarly literature in terms of distinct intellectual and theoretical social science perspectives. The volume includes a chapter which looks at work informed by psychology as a base discipline. The volume also includes a set of chapters that seek to evaluate and explain issues of research method for the different approaches to research found within management accounting.

Special pricing available if purchased as a set with Volume 2.

  • Documents the scholarly management accounting literature
  • Publishing both in print, and online through Science Direct
  • International in scope

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Theoretical Perspectives
Research Methods
Author Index for Volumes 1 and 2
Subject Index for Volumes 1 and 2
Overview of Volumes 1 and 2
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الصفحة 138 - Economics is the science which studies human behaviour, as a relationship between ends and scarce means which have alternative uses"— Robbins...
الصفحة 101 - In effect, what defines a relationship of power is that it is a mode of action which does not act directly and immediately on others. Instead it acts upon their actions...
الصفحة 207 - Which seems to me self-evidently true; but it suggests that the writer who is out-of-country and even out-of-language may experience this loss in an intensified form. It is made more concrete for him by the physical fact of discontinuity, of his present being in a different place from his past, of his being "elsewere.
الصفحة 353 - Individuals face choices all the time, but in doing so they seek guidance from the experiences of others in comparable situations and by reference to standards of obligation.

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Christopher Chapman, having previously researched the ways in which people work to make accounting relevant to operational decision making in a variety of contexts including restaurants and professional service firms, currently studies the design of cost systems for healthcare providers. He is an editor of "Accounting, Organizations and Society" and is the President of the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management

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